Check out what live virtual events we will be hosting via Zoom during our first week of our Virtual Camp at Home. All live events will have at least two staff present to help lead the activity. As with any summer when we host camp, any staff working with our campers have passed background checks. Additionally, for your campers safety we well email out the zoom link and passwords with the email provided on the event registration. Campers 13 and older can feel free to provide their own email if they’d like on the registration page, but we ask that parents/guardians help our campers 12 and under by providing their emails for registration. 

Mindfulness Techniques  July 13th @ 7pm

Join us for an virtual session where we learn some helpful mindfulness technique to help calm your mind when you are feeling stressed or anxious. 

“Morning Movement” Yoga – July 14th @ 4:30p

Join us for a classic morning movement activity – YOGA! While it won’t actually be in the morning, its a great way to learn some yoga poses and stretching that you can do at home at any time.

Freetime Social Hour July 15th @ 4pm

Miss your camp friends and wanna have some virtual face time with them? Join us for a virtual freetime social hang. Bring your snacks or latest projects you’re working on and come catch up with your camp friends! (different breakout rooms will be made to make different camper age groups if needed)

Movie Discussion – July 16th @ 7pm

This week we are featuring the movie Chasing Coral which is available for free to watch thanks to Netflix and Youtube teaming up to allow free access to educational movies and documentaries this summer! Join us for a post virtual ‘screening’ to discuss the movie. More details on how to watch the movie coming soon! 

Sewing Masks – July 17th @ 7:00pm

Learn how to sew your own mask at home to help keep yourself and others safe during the COVID pandemic. Learn some good pointers based on lessons learned and how to use materials you may already have around the house!

Socrates Cafe- July 18th @ 4pm

Join us for our next round of Socrates Cafe! Campers can help choose our discussion question(s) while staff helps make a visual word map of where our throughts take us!