Mindfulness Techniques  August 10th @ 7pm

Join us for an virtual session where we learn some helpful mindfulness technique to help calm your mind when you are feeling stressed or anxious. 

Camp Quest North Virtual Escape Room August 13th @ 7pm

Campers have found themselves trapped in their cabin and need to work together in a team and use their critical thinking skills to follow the clues, solve puzzles, riddles and try to escape before time runs out! Campers are encouraged to have a pencil and paper ready for taking notes as we run through a virtual escape room!

Oldest Camper Belief Discussion August 14th @ 7pm

Each camp session the oldest campers have an open conversation about their personal beliefs and experiences in a safe space. Campers 13 years and older can sign up for this virtual event. 

Socrates Cafe – August 15th @ 4pm

Join us for our last round of Socrates Cafe! Campers can help choose our discussion question(s) while staff helps make a visual word map of where our throughts take us!