Join us Sunday June 28th at 12:00pm central time for our first virtual Socrates Cafe with Camp Quest North via Zoom! Space will be limited for this first event but we will be host many more this summer!

Registration is required for this event. For the safety of our campers we will require a sign up and we will email you a link and password to join the day before the event.

Counselors will help facilitate this event and go over rules before the start of the discussion.

About The Activity

Socrates Café is a philosophy discussion activity for youth aged 8-17. All sessions will be facilitated by a Camp Quest adult volunteer or staff member. During the discussion, campers choose a big question or issue they want to discuss. The facilitator moderates the discussion, while each camper speaks one at a time, in turn. The activity promotes active listening skills and models respectful dialogue, even with those who may have different ideas and beliefs from our own. Participants learn empathy for others while having a safe space to express their thoughts. 

Only registered youth may participate (parents at home can join in, but the discussion is for the kids!)

Rules for Participation: Please review these rules with your camper before they participate!

1. Talk in turns. Socrates Café is a discussion-based activity. We talk in turns and our facilitator calls on the person who speaks next. Please raise your hand to be added to the list of speakers. Wait to speak until you are called on.

2. Be respectful. Always be respectful with your language, listen with care, and respond with care, even if we’re being silly! Disrespect and bullying aren’t allowed.

3. Honor privacy. Don’t share personal information and don’t ask for personal information. Honor others’ privacy and tell a trusted adult if something isn’t right.

Campers who are unable to observe these rules will be removed from discussion sessions. We will inform parents in writing if we need to remove a camper, or discuss any other behavior concerns. Thank you helping us keep Socrates Café fun and safe for everyone!