Counselor in Training (CIT) Program

Camp Quest North offers a CIT program each week of camp to campers ages 16-17 that are interested in learning more about what it means to be a counselor at camp and to develop leadership skills.


Does my camper have to apply to the CIT program if they are 16 or 17 years old?

Nope, if your camper wants to attend camp as just a camper that is absolutely fine.


What does a typical day look like for a CIT?

CITs will be assigned to one of the younger camper cabin/lodging assignments and paired with at least two other staff. During the day CITs help assist and help co-lead lesson plans and activities with staff. CITs will get to participate in most camp activities as well when not assisting with specific activities.

Each day during the week CITs will meet with their CIT manager to receive feedback on their leadership skills as the week progresses. Most days CITs will also have their own CIT team leadership development activities and team bonding activities. 


How does my camper apply to be a CIT?

A parent/guardian must register their camper through our camp’s registration system and select the CIT options for the week of camp they would like to attend. Once they are registered you will need to sign into your account and have your camper complete their application. Applications will be reviewed by our staff and our CIT managers will contact the applicants via the phone/email the camper provides in their application to set up an interview. Formal acceptance into the program will be provided via email to the camper.


What does the CIT application include?

Campers applying for the CIT program will be asked to answer a couple short answer essay questions and provide an email and phone number that our staff can reach them at to set up a phone/video call interview.

New in 2022 we plan to help our CITs build professional leadership skills. As part of this learning process we ask applicants to submit a cover letter as part of their application. CITs will be encouraged to use camp leadership staff as references in future job or program applications to confirm their leadership skills gained through the CIT program. 


What’s the registration cost for the CIT program?

Since our CIT program requires those enrolled in the program to help assist in camp activities we charge a reduced rate for the program. CIT program registration fees are $435 in 2023.

As with any other registration, scholarships are available if you are in need of financial assistance.


Pre-camp and at camp training

Campers accepted into the CIT program arrive at camp a day early to participate in staff training at camp. Additionally, prior to camp all CITs must complete online video trainings and review the staff handbook.

At the end of camp we also require CITs to stay on site after campers have departed to participate in the staff lunch and debrief and provide feedback on how the program went.


Can my camper be a CIT multiple weeks of camp?

Campers are only allowed to participate in one week of the CIT program each summer. If a camper would like to attend camp as a camper one week and a CIT another they must do so as a camper first and then a CIT in a later session.

Special consideration may be given to campers wishing to do the CIT program one week at our Minnesota camp and one week at our Iowa camp. Please contact us as [email protected] if your camper would like to be considered.