Each year and each week of camp we come up with unique lyrics to put into our Camp Quest North camp song. These lyrics are lines that campers come up with that reflect on the memorable moments that happened during camp. 

We will be doing one camp song this summer for our virtual camp experience. Campers are encouraged to come up with lyrics now through Friday August 7th to submit for a camp wide vote. Lyrics can be emailed to [email protected] to be screened and submitted for an official poll we will post from Monday August 10th to Friday August 14th. Our final 2020 virtual summer camp song will then be posted on Friday August 15th. 

One of our awesome camp families has already created their very own 2020 camp theme song that they would like to share with you as inspiration and to help show the general format of our camp song.

To see more about the lyric structures please see some of our previous year’s lyrics below. The lyrics we come up with each year are color coded in blue.