You are never too young to start a movement, to support issues, or to make some noise! Just because you may not be old enough to vote doesn’t mean you can’t have an impact on the big issues that your communities and nation are facing today. We thought we’d show case some really awesome youth activists and leaders to inspire you to get out and have your voices heard!

Erika Alvarez, Jeffrey Jin , and Foyin Dosunmu – Founders of Katy4Justice

Tired of the “void of activism” in their hometown these teenagers set forth to make a change and have their voices heard after the dealth of George Floyd. They gathered and lead hundreds of people in a protest march against racism and police brutality. Their group’s activism has recently extended out to fundraise for resources to help battle LGBTQ+ homelessness in their area as well! 

imagine credit: NY Times

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg has made international news in her attempts to bring awareness to the urgent need to battle climate change. From her small one person climate change protest she has made waves across the entire world. Greta has given many powerful speeches across the globe and challeged world leaders to step up their country’s actions to fight climate change. Time Magazine has named her a 2019 Person of the Year!  

image credit: News Agency/Hanna Franzen via Reuters

Ameer Abdul

Ameer is a college student who is working between his undergrad degree and med school to work with a youth led non profit called Period – a group that serves, educates, and advocates for issues of menstrual equality and products availability. He has been a public advocate for ending the “pink tax” on feminene hygiene products in Ohio. 

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Emma Gonzalez

Emma is a survivor of the Parkland, FL school shooting in 2018. She has been able to channel her grief into activism for better gun control in the United States. She started a political action committee called Never Again and organized the March for Our Lives protest in Washington, D.C.. Emma has inspired many youth that are approaching voting age to get out and vote especially for those candidates that advocate stricter gun control laws.

image credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Ben and Jerry (the ice cream folks) share youth activist history

“It seems like young people today are always ready to step up and fight for what they believe in, be it LGBTQ equality, racial or gender equity, or the right to safe schools. And we are loving it! Their passion and resourcefulness is fueling a powerful movement for a more just tomorrow.

And it’s not just today’s youth — there is a long history of youth-led activism creating real, tangible change for the better all over the globe. Ready for a history lesson?”